Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Corpse Bride by Mya

At home I made a doll of a character from my favourite film. 
I made this doll at home with my mum. She helped me with embroidering the face. I've been making this every weekend for a few weeks now and she's still not quite finished!I am planning to make one arm and one leg look like a bone (like in the film).
I did her dress, hair, part of her face (mum did the rest) and her veil by hand.
Her name is Emily. The film is about a corpse bride who was killed on her wedding day and decided she would be buried under the oak tree. A man called Victor was practising his vows in a wood and put a ring on a branch of the oak tree and awakens Emily...
It is a film by Tim Burton and I recommend it to everyone!As you can see I love to sew and I will be making more dolls in the future! 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Digital leaders teach the class!

Today Poppy, Isaac, Molly, Grace, Sam and Emily (the digital leaders in Maple) taught Maple class how to customise their Google map account.

We first showed the class how to log into their accounts and find Shrewsbury on the map.
Then we showed them how to add a marker, change the style of it and add a picture.
 After that, we showed the class how to highlight areas, such as: Fields, parks and playgrounds etc...
Later, we taught them how to create a route from one place to another and customise it.

We had great fun teaching everyone (including Mrs Prior)!

by Poppy

Digital leaders show us the way! - by Lauren Y

Today Maple class had our six digital leaders teaching us about Google maps. We learnt how to add pins, highlight things, draw routes etc etc.They did a great job and Maple class learnt loads.The digital leaders did so well we now know everything they know.
Thanks very much to :
Molly, Isaac, Emily, Grace, Samuel, and last but not least Poppy.

Football stars

These are some of our best football trophies. The best one we got is the one in the middle. Lewis got it from his old team in Manchester called Stalybridge Celtic juniors. I got it because I was managers player of the year. The trophy on the left is for winning the Dennis Mooney memorial cup.
 By Callum and Lewis.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Our reading corner!

We have new bean bags in our reading corner! We're really pleased with then, they're really comfortable...
Here is what some of our class think:

Ethan W: Awesome!!!
Samuel G: Totally relaxing.. Zzzzzzz...
Elise: Epicly comfortable!

It now means we can relax while we read. We have big plans for our reading corner; we're going to put a big notice-board for book reviews etc.. etc...

What do you think?? Do you have any ideas for our book corner??

By Molly R