Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Molly's 100 Word Challenge - Week 13 Night Zookeeper

The bag, it has no bottom. But, everything that you put in it won’t fall out; this mysterious bag belongs to the invisible koala messenger. The koala messenger delivers all the zoo’s mail… The comb, when you brush your hair with it, will turn your hair multi coloured! This magical item belongs to the hair dresser bear. The comb helps the bear at the zoo’s hair-dressers… The under the water car, this helps the fish and chip shop seal catch all this fish for the shop. The car swims in the zoo’s lake, which is full of colourful fish…

Sam's 100 Word Challenge - Week 13 Night Zookeeper

I was venturing down in the magical forest at night in my zoo when I came across some strange abandoned objects. The first item I came across was an orange bottomless bag. Could this have belonged to Mail Mongoose who delivers the zoos mail? The next thing I found was a black and purple comb. Wasn’t this Beautiful Bird’s comb? As the stars carried on shining on the sky, I found all of these things: An underwater car, a magic pen, and a mirror. These things belong to the animals. The animals a the night zoo.

Harvey's 100 Word Challenge - Week 13 Night Zookeeper

I was looking through the zoo when I saw Fred the blob. He was pulling out an entire ladder from his bag; he spotted me and ran away. I carried on walking along when I heard a loud scraping noise, it was getting louder and louder I turned around and saw a rare moose in an underwater car. He was also brushing his fur. It soon passed me, then disappeared. I carried walking when I saw the snorkel. He was eating a bowling ball with a mirror, this creature was also eating my torch pen!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Emily's 100 Word Challenge Week 12

Alone. I stood alone. On the cold hard stone floor of my big empty house wondering if I would ever see daylight again... I heard a faint whilstling comiming from my front door. I paniked and broke into a cold clammy sweat, I ran down stairs to find everything as it usually was: My thick black curtains blocked my window, my stone grey chair facing the dusty wall. I sat in my chair facing the wall. Then I heard a parcel drop. I span round to see a black parcel with a pink ribbon... It was for me!! I OPENED THE PACKAGE...

Emelia's 100 Word Challenge - Week 12

Yes! Its here! I cant wait to open it. I have been waiting for this my whole life and its finally arrived.I pick the box up from the door step. The beautiful black wrapping paper feels wonderful against my cheek. The shiny, silk ribbon looks brilliant on the box. I dont want to ruin this master piece. Finally I pull the ribbon of and unwrap the box. I try to open it. Its locked. What? I dont get it. No! I felt it was the end of me. Stupid really,but this was important to me.

Grace's 100 Word Challenge - Week 12

Usually I feel what's inside gifts but this box reveals nothing. Today I have three boxes, yesterday I got more(approximately seven). Some people wouldn't hesitate in pulling their ribbons and pulling of their glistening paper;others - including me - choose to be more cautious.Everyone gets them but nobody knows what's inside them.Each one is unique: Green and orange for the baker, yellow and silver for the grocer, violet and lavender for the school master. When people get to many, or sometimes just their first one, they open them then, poof!

Elise's 100 Word Challenge Week 12

The Box "Well six o clock in the morning and mum and dad are not awake" I exclaimed to my sister "Well I'm not surprised it is early." she said as she sat up in bed. "Yeah true" i spoke "But they said they would.oh well" I cried with happieness as i got down from the bunkbed. It was my birthday. I ran downstairs and made two cups of tea one for Mum and another for Dad. I ran back upstairs and gave them their tea. They thanked me and drunk it slowly after a while they gave me a packet. There it was. What was it? POP!