Thursday, 13 June 2013

Greenfields fundraising mix
On Wednesday 12th June Maple, Ash and Chestnut classes organized their own stalls in groups for the whole school to have a go at. There were many events from sponge Mr Kenyon to $treet dance skool! People loved our stalls and had a great time. Many people made over fifteen pounds and raised the schools prophet. Each stall was 20p and we ended up with a great amount of cash!!! The ‘Sponge Mr Kenyon’ alone raised £47.50!
What stall would you have done¿

by Emelia,Gracie and Karis.


  1. You worked very hard year sixes. The fundraising was a roaring success. It was lovely to see the whole school out on the field taking part in all of your stalls. Lots of people have said how great you were with all the younger children and what a good example you set. Well done on raising all that money for charity and our school. I feel very proud of you.
    Mrs P

  2. Wow it sound like you had fun on that day. Did you have fun and what did you enjoy about it. I wish tha we will do somthing like that one at my school. You raised £47.50p well done I wonder what you are going to spend it with!
    Your friend Olivia
    P.S Please can you leave some comment on my work.

  3. Dear maple class,
    I would of sponge people also well done for the amount of money you profited Over $47.50 so I think you get a big clap. Lots of people have exclaimed that that is was really good. were you with younger children? if you were with small I think you did very well.

    1. Hi Danny,
      if you did it in dollars it would be $73.36!
      I didn't realise it would convert to that much.

    2. And that is only one stall! Never mind the other 14!! It was great fun - and all the children, as Mrs P said, really enjoyed themselves! Mr Leek, the caretaker, was especially helpful - Thank you!

  4. Dear Maple Class,
    This looks like great fun! I predict that the 'Sponge Mr Kenyon' is were you get a cake and you put it in his face or something similar. I would love to do my own stall and do what you did! Did you enjoy it? On the pictures it looked like you did. Did you out your stalls on the school premises or not? I would love to do something like this!
    From Cailtin

    1. Hi Caitlin,
      I wish we could of used cakes!
      unfortunately we had to use wet sponges, by the end Mr.K was absolutely soaked.

      From Harvey, Maple Class.

  5. Dear blogging friends,
    Wow, that sounds and looks really fun. It looks like you were having a summer fair. What was your favorite part about the event? We have a summer fair at our school on the last day of term and it's coming up and I can't wait! Maybe, in your blog post you could have told us what kind of stall you had set up for the school. What great fun you all had and it looks like the whole school did too!
    From Tulsi at

    1. Yes! It definitely was an exiting event for us all. It was so much fun watching Mr Kenyon get sponged
      from Karis

  6. I loved today, it was really fun. I think we did really well, Sponge Mr Kenyon was really good. As you can see from the picture Mr Kenyon was wearing a monkey suite. At the end of the day Mr Kenyon was soaking wet. When he stood up from the chair he found him self, Sitting in a puddle on the chair.

    from your friend in Maple class

  7. I loved it - I hope that when the Y6 have left you'll keep on doing these events!

  8. my stall would of been cake tasting and the winner got to decide if or not they wanted a cake in their face and what flavor i would have cherry or apple.
    well done,gracie looked a bit tierd doing the street dance!
    well done maple!!!