Thursday, 13 June 2013

Unusual Story

As a table we wrote an.....interesting story! We took turns saying random sentences until it turned into an odd piece of writing.

Pink writing = Mya
Purple writing = Grace
Red writing = Isaac
Dark green writing = Amy
Light green writing = Ethan
Ester helped and her writing is in black.

We went on a school trip today. It was the museum we visited, but it was not quite how we expected it would be. In fact it was quite the opposite. As soon as we arrived, surprises jumped up before our eyes.
The moment we stepped through the door, we knew we were going to hate every moment of it. Suddenly, out of the blue cheese, cheddar warriors wielding wednesleydale swords came and attacked- our friend Isaac was not amused by the happenings. We all froze to the spot, wandering if all of this was a massive wind-up. The cheese still proceeded, and we all knew we had to run. Being the brave, if not stupid one of the group, Harry called the angry cheddar to halt.
Unfortunately, the cheddar chose to ignore Harry’s attempt to stop him and he continued to pursue us down the old museum corridors. As we ran, we realised the floor was lined with warm ,toasted bagels, so suddenly Sam G came up with a brilliant idea to defeat/eat the cheese warriors. So we began to take on the huge challenge of eating masses of cheese and bagels.
To cut things short, our plan failed, later the teacher was hovering above a steaming pot of philadelphia and we all knew we were soon to follow...


  1. This is certainly a very 'cheesy' story! I like the way you all worked together on this - and that it was all your own idea. It is funny how a story can progress when each person writes the next part of it. A good idea and good teamwork.
    Mrs P

  2. Dear Mya, Grace, Isaac, Amy, Ethan and Ester. I love that story because it was so funny. I love cheese and like how you worked together to write this. I also like how you changed 'out of the blue' to 'out of the blue cheese'. Mabye now you can make another post continueing from the end of this story.
    Well done
    From Reece

    1. Thanks, I had a little help with that 'out of the blue cheese' bit!

  3. Hey Everyone,
    Thats a really creative piece of writing I really liked how you all did different sentences. I really like the whole cheese part of it. Great ideas From Georgia

    1. Thanks, I made up the whole cheese idea!