Thursday, 20 June 2013

The League Play Offs!

                                                                 The League Play Off!

On Tuesday 18th June, Greenfields girls competed in the football League Play Offs. There were four teams but unfortunately, one of the teams dropped out so our B team Greenfields girls stepped in. Greenfields B team were in a black kit and the A team wore white! The first match, the A team won 3 nil and the B team lost 1 nil. Second match, both Greenfields teams played! The A team won 3-1. In the last match, it was tied and if the A team won the match, then they would win the Play offs, but sadly at the end of the time they lost 2 nil! In the end they came second and our other Greenfields team came fourth but they never gave up! They were a good team to play against! Well done everyone!

By Emelia


  1. Well Done guys. Hope you had fun playing the tournaments, And next time I hope you win, You always play well and always will do, Well done girly's I'm proud.

    From your friend in Maple Class
    Elise xx

  2. Congratulations Girls. It is always a great experience playing in a big tournament. It sounds like you all played well and that is magnificent that you never gave up. I am sure that you will all have benefited from the experience and improved your skills. Good luck for any future games.
    Mrs Verona Gridley